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1. Living on the Edge

The Github repository contains multiple branches:

  • The master branch contains the same firmware version as provided on the release page.
  • The rolling branch contains the latest version of the Firmware and the Web Interface. It might already contain a fix for your issue. But it is work in progress, don't expect it to work stable or be an improvement for your AI-on-the-edge-device! Also it might break the OTA Update and thus require manual flashing over USB!
  • Any other branch is used to develop a feature or fix, only use them when you know what it is about!

1.1 I still want to try it

Ok, then grab the latest rolling build from Github Actions Page and proceed as following:

  1. Pick the most top successful (green) build:
  2. Scroll down and download the AI-on-the-edge-device__update__*.zip:
  3. Flash the zip file using the OTA Update page of your device.