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1. Preparing for Release

  1. Changelog is merged back from master branch to rolling branch (should be the last step of the previous release creation)
  2. All changes are documented in the Changelog in rolling branch. To get a list of commits, call git log --oneline. Summarize the relevant chnages since the last release.

1.1 Release creation steps

  1. Mergerolling into master branch
  2. Best to wait for the GitHub action to run successfully
  3. On master branch tag the version like v11.3.1 and don't forget to push it:

    git checkout master git pull git tag v14.0.0 git push --tags

  4. Wait for the GitHub-Action of release creation. After all is done:

    • the release should be created
    • the artifacts are downloadable from release
    • The documented changes were applied to the release
  5. Merge master back in rolling
  6. Check that the Web Installer shows the right version. If needed, run he action manually: github.com/jomjol/AI-on-the-edge-device/actions/workflows/manual-update-webinstaller.yml.