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1. Hardware Compatibility

1.1 General Remark

Although a board looks similar, it can have major differences, e.g.:

  • Processor
  • Ram (Size! & Type) -> this Project needs at least 4MB RAM!
  • Flashrom
  • Camera Modules
  • Onboard/External Antenna
  • Quality of Components
  • Manufacture Quality of the PCB and soldering
  • Different Components
  • "Clone" Components -> ESPxx
  • etc.

This can cause different Power Consumption, Power Requirements, compatibility issues, etc.

Most manufacturers and sellers buy what's cheap today on the Asian markets. In the end, it looks like it is sometimes a trial and error approach which ESP32-CAM Module works reliably.

Below you find some remarks and experiences from the community:

2. ESP32 core itself

Chip Version Image Status
ESP32-D0WDQ6 (revision 1) ✔️


There seems to be a lot of "fake" chips, or maybe wrongly configured ESP32 Boards.

For AP MEMORY, all "real" APS6404*3SQR chips should work.

For ESP PSRAM, all "real" PSRAM64* should work.

64Mbit density = 8Mbyte PSRAM

This Table is just a snapshot of chips which worked

Labeling on PSRAM module Image Status
IPUS / IPS640LS0 / 1815XBGN ✔️
AP MEMORY / 6404L-3SOR / 1040H / 110089G ✔️
AP MEMORY / 6404L-3SQR / 12205 / 150047G ✔️ 8MB
AP MEMORY / 6404L-3SQR / 12208 / 150047G ✔️ 8MB
AP MEMORY / 6404L-350R / 1120A / 130027G ❌ PSRAM not accessible
AP MEMORY / 6404L-35QR / 11208 / 130025G ❌ PSRAM not accessible
AP MEMORY / 6404L-3SQR / 13100 / 180026G ❌ PSRAM not accessible
AP MEMORY / 6404L-3SQR / 11207 / 130024G ❌ PSRAM not accessible
AP MEMORY / 6404L-3SQR / 1120A / 130027G ✔️ 8MB
AP MEMORY / 6404L-3SQR / 1120B / 130028G ✔️ 8MB
AP MEMORY / 6404L-3SQR / 1120D / 130030G ✔️ 8MB
AP MEMORY / 1604M-3SQR / 0280A / 070036G ❌ 2MB only!
ESP PSRAM64H 462021 / 1B00286 ✔️
ESP PSRAM64H 412021 / 1A0039G ✔️ 8MB
ESP PSRAM64H 402021 / 1A0017N ❌ PSRAM not accessible
ESP PSRAM16M 302020 ❌ 2MB only!
ESP PSRAM16H 202020 / 050022G ❌ 2MB only!

4. OV2640 - Camera

The experience with the camera only is based on single modules. It is well possible, that this module had a damage overall and other modules of the same type will work. Give it a try and report to me!

Labeling on Flex-Connector Image Status
TY-OV2 / 640-V2.0 ✔️
DCX-OV2 / 640-V2 ✔️
DC-26 / 40-V3 ✔️ 3x
❌ 1x

5. ESP32 Modules

Module Image Status
ESP32CAM / Different versions on the market!
Especially the PSRAM is sometimes labeled wrong
(Label: 4MB, Real: only 2 MB --> will not work!)
with >=4 MB PSRAM!
No Flash LED, pins different used (e.g. LCD display)

6. SD Cards

Due to the limited free available GPIOs (due to all the extensions needed like: camera, SD card, LED-flash, ...) the SD card is connected in 1-wire mode. There are some cards, that are compatible with the esp32cam module for unknown reasons. It is observed, that smaller cards (up to 4 GB) tend to be more stable and larger cards have more problems. But quite some exceptions in the forums (4 GB cards not working, 16 GB cards working like a charm).

7. Devices known to work

7.1 Modules (Old list, not up-to-date anymore):

See https://github.com/jomjol/AI-on-the-edge-device/discussions/1732 for a more recent list.

7.2 SD Card

8. Weak Wifi

The ESP32-CAM supports an external antenna. It requires some soldering skills but can improve the connection quality. See https://randomnerdtutorials.com/esp32-cam-connect-external-antenna/