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1. Over-The-Air (OTA) Update

You can do an OTA (over-the-air) update via the Web Interface. Grab the firmware from the

1.1 Update Procedure

  1. Create a backup of your configuration. Either use the Backup/Restore function of your device for this (menu System > Backup/Restore) or back the files manually up using the File Server (menu File Server, folder config). It is recommended to at least save the config file config.ini!
  2. Head to the menu System > OTA Update and follow the instructions there.

If you do an update between major versions, it might be needed to modify the config file config.ini as it's syntax or context has changed. To do so, go to the menu Settings > Configuration (after the update completed and the device restarted) and check if it warns you about an unset parameter.

1.1.1 Update from version v12.0.0 or newer

You can use the over the air update mechanism, which uploads the update via a ZIP files.

The update file is located on the release page. Please choose the zip file with the following naming: AI-on-the-edge-device__update__*.zip

Go to the menu System --> OTA Update and follow the instructions there. After a final automatic reboot you should have the new version running.

1.1.2 Update from version older than v12.0.0

If you update from an version older than 12.0.1, you should firstly update to version 12.0.1. Background are not fully backward compatible changes in the config.ini, that are taken care of in this version.


Make sure to read the instructions below carefully!

  1. Backup your configuration (use the System -> Backup/Restore page)!

  2. Upload and update the update-*.zip file from the release 12.0.1 see here .

  3. Let it restart and check on the System -> Info page that the Firmware as well as the Web UI got updated. If only one got updated, redo the update. If it fails several times, you also can update the Firmware and the Web UI separately.

  4. Safe way:

    1. Update first the firmware.bin (extract it from one of the provided zip files) and do the Reboot
    2. Update with the full zip file (update-*.zip, ignore the version warning after the reboot)
  5. Please go to Settings -> Configuration and address the changed parameters:

    • DataLogging (storing the values for data graph)
    • Debug (extended by different debug reporting levels)
  6. Make sure it starts to do the digitalization (check the Error field on the overview page). If it does not start a round within a minute, restart the device.


If the system is working now without any issues, please open the configuration editor once and save the config.ini. This will update the file to the newest content.

Now you can safely update to the newest version.