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1. Analog/Digital Transition on Water Meters

At first, for the most water meters the default configuration should be work. But the digit, especially the last digit differs in some devices.

1.1 "Normal" transition

In most cases, the transition of the last digit starts when the analogue pointer is > 9.

Often the last digit "hangs" a bit on this devices and comes not over zero. So it is not easy to see which digit is correct. In the first example 4 or still 3? (3 is correct).

image image

1.2 Early transition

Some units start the transition very early or run with the analogue pointer. In the third example, is it a 3 or a 2?

image image image

1.3 Inaccuracies in image recognition

The models for image recognition are good, but have inaccuracies in the range +/- 0.2. In order to obtain as many correct results as possible, a treatment is carried out in the post process in the range of 9.8-0.2 for the analogue pointer, which must start differently depending on the type of counter.

1.4 How to configure for my meter type

If you have a devices with "normal" transition you should not have any issues. On devices with "early" transition, you can set the option AnalogDigitalTransitionStart to a value between 6 and 8.